Court Ordered or Volunteer Anger Management

New Horizons Wellness provides live anger management courses starting at 12 hours (weekly) to individuals who want to learn how to control their anger and temper. You will understand the behaviors, emotions, and ideas that contribute to your symptoms and how they affect your relationships with others or with yourself. My goal is to help the client reconstruct new ways of thinking, rebuild relationships, replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and regain a sense of control.

Ms. Hunter is a Certified Anger Management Counselor Facilitator offering daily live zoom classes. She has extensive training, research, and experience in the field of Psychology.

Whether you are court-mandated or self-referred and want to work on improving yourself, New Horizons Wellness is right for you. Attend classes in the safety and comfort of your home via zoom. Learn skills to control anger before it becomes emotional, resulting in hostile reactive behavior that could lead to regretful actions. You will learn to set boundaries with homework exercises, videos, or group activities. You will learn tools such as keeping track of anger, using log sheets, worksheets, interventions, readings, practicing tools, and additional skills in the group. Progress reports and assessments are available for court purposes and the workplace if needed.