In 2011, Marlena graduated from Argosy University with a Master of Arts degree in Psychology, specializing in Marriage Family Therapy. In 2008, she graduated from University of California Riverside with Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

She has gained several years experience in a number of clinical settings. Her previous duties includes providing psychotherapy at Harbor View House a hospital providing services to those suffering from severe mental disorders, and at the Westwood Counseling Center, where she worked with individual and couples. Marlena also have experience working in Private Practice, with Victim's of Crime in Los Angeles & Orange County and for Martha Koo, MD as a TMS and NEBA CEEG Technician. She has treated mood disorders such as anxiety and depression as well as worked with substance abuse issues.

As an undergraduate Marlena worked in a research laboratory as a Research Assistant, where she had a chance to learn about cognitive and neural mechanisms controlling psychological memory through conducting behavioral research. Marlena spent three years at the Chicago School Doctoral Program for Clinical Forensic Psychology where she learned to administer and score several psychological test and assessments and has transferred to the Ph.D. in Psychology Program.  

Ms. Hunter studied psychology abroad in Germany and France and received European credits and certification for training in Psychoanalysis at Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, Austria. In 2010 she presented at the Los Angeles County Psychological Association in Los Angeles

and in 2015 at the Inaugural International Convention of Psychological Science in Amsterdam. 

Ms. Hunter is a doctoral candidate in Psychology and is currently working on her dissertation on "How acts of Kindness can Increase Happiness." The proposed topic will examine how acts of kindness could increase happiness and reduce depression in non-clinical subjects. If acts of kindness can increase happiness, improve positive emotions, then this should also improve the quality of life (Cohn, Fredrickson, Brown, Mikels, & Conway, 2009). 

Marlena is a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Association for Psychological Science and American Psychological Association and stays connected with the community by attending events and conferences throughout the year.