Would you like to Gain Confidence, Accomplish Goals, Set Boundaries, Live With Purpose, Attract Your True Love, Discover How To Be Unapologetically YOU?… Then Wait No Longer.. You have found The Perfect Life Coach!

We all have dreams but sometimes things get in the way of us accomplishing our dreams such as our job, or insecurities. The goal of a life coach is someone to support you as you stand proud of who you are, live your purpose, explore the world, and be in a relationship that inspires and fulfills your every desire.  

If you feel you’ve been STUCK but you are ready to make a change that will be exciting and significant in your life, then schedule your consultation to see which package is best for you. 

I work with adult professionals like yourself, who struggle with confidence to pursue their passion, but are finally ready to take the leap to create a life that you are absolutely READY to live! If you’re searching for a sense of confidence, purpose, direction and positive change in your personal or professional life, you’re in excellent company and I am here to help. 

Life coaching is a client-centered partnership between coach and client designed to help clients reach goals, maximize potential and enhance quality of life through the use of powerful coaching questions and coaching tools.

Unlike therapy, coaching focuses on the present and the future. If a client is diving too much into the past, the coach will revert client back to present. Life coaching is about taking action steps and finding solutions to change an area in your present and future life. Unlike consultants or counselors, life coaches are not the experts. In coaching, the client is the expert. Life coaches believe the client has all the answers within and we as coaches help to facilitate answers by asking powerful questions and using coaching tools. 

The life coaching process begins before your sessions. Prior to all coaching sessions, a full consultation and an intake must be completed.

The Client will have the opportunity to choose between three different life coaching packages. The coaching plan (packages) outlines gains and challenges from prior week as well as session topic of next session. The coaching plan will help your coach be prepared for the session. During the session, the coach will guide client and formulate solutions. At the end of the session, the coach and client will set goals, create action plans and sometimes the coach will provide homework for client. When the session is completed, the client is to complete a follow-up. The follow-up provides client feedback from the session and clients can also ask additional questions that they may have forgotten to ask during their session.